About Me

My Background


I won my first drawing contest at age 11, and then took pencil drawing to the master level before finally learning to oil paint at age 40. Yeah, late bloomer, I know-  but I was intimidated, no, terrified by the fact that paint brushes had no eraser at the end. I spent a lot of time erasing to 'get things exactly right.' It didn't take long for me to figure out the paint brush was an eraser too ;-)

A few years after learning to paint, I became a public mural artist and have owned and operated Larger Than Life Murals since 2007, with my daughter, Echo Westover who has taken the reins in 2018. While still occasionally doing mural work, I am now taking time to explore, grow, and express myself on a more personal level with my fine art.

My Medium


Though I began painting with oils, I used  professional acrylic paint exclusively in my public mural art business. Acrylic is also used for the fluid art I have been exploring, and is my current primary medium. But as I spend more time working on fine art, I have been nudged to turn to oil paint for fine, finish details on some paintings I am working on now. I also work with texture paste in some of my landscape paintings. I try to stay open to what an individual piece calls for... who knows where it will lead me.

My Inspiration


I'm most inspired drawing and painting people. When I look at someone and feel a strong positive energy, including some animals, I feel an emotional connection. As an artist, I'm challenged to try to capture their essence or spirit, so my style focused on detail and some representation of realism. The beauty, spontaneity and unpredictability of fluid art and acrylic pouring has more recently captured my fancy in a big way. 

In my current fine art series, I Am Woman, I call upon both styles as a vehicle to present my very personal views about what it means to be a woman. Some of these paintings hopefully serve as reminders, to acknowledge, nurture, strengthen, and protect various womanly aspects.

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